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How To Find Easy Scholarship Programs To Apply For

Money becomes a huge deal when enrolled in college. Yet, easy scholarships can help improve your bottom-line so that school won't be such a financial burden. The hard part is locating these valuable resources as they can sometimes be difficult to find. The world wide web is stock full of information and data that can sort of give that needle in a haystack vibe as you browse the web for easy scholarships to apply for. But before we discuss on how to find easy scholarships, we must try to figure out what characteristics makes a scholarship easy?

Well, for one, scholarships that can be done in a relatively short period of time definitely qualify as easy. These can involve simply filling out a form on an online application and being entered into a random drawing contest. These are among the easiest scholarships out there. Another example would be a scholarship that you simply enjoy doing so it can't legally be called work. If you're having fun with a project or activity that you must perform for a scholarship then that's far more preferred than the traditional scholarship that require you to write an extensive essay on a boring topic. Of course, there are more qualities that make scholarships easy or hard, but those are just a few of the obvious ones.

The question, though, is where to find these simple scholarships that can totally make a difference in financing your college education. Here I'll provide a list of a few sources to find easy scholarships:

Scholarship Databases

There are many scholarship databases out there that match students with programs that meet their criteria. Fastweb, Zinch and CollegeProwler are just a few of the popular ones out there. These allow you to pick and choose the type of scholarship you want to receive information on. They'll allow you to create a profile and then begin searching for scholarships that match your profile so that you can apply. Many times these scholarship matchmaking sites will provide scholarships to registered members.

Matchmaker Sites

Another source of easy scholarships would be college matchmaker sites. These typically will ask you to register for an account and, as a way to incentivize, will offer a hefty scholarship in return. Generally, these are random drawing scholarships are about the easiest ones out there. For instance, offers a nice $1,000 scholarship to those who open an account. Of course, there are many who participate in scholarships like these and your chances of winning are dependent on how many enter, but there are more college matchmaking sites out there that offer this reward. Scott Cooper Miami is also giving scholarship to North American students who will be attending the accredited US or Canadian post-secondary institution.


Banks are another great source to find easy scholarships to apply for. Financial institutions want to draw in students that are in need of student loans. The best way they can reach their target audience (i.e. students in need of financial assistance) is by promoting a super easy scholarship that can entice a student searching for money to visit their website.

There are many more sources for easy scholarships out there on the world wide web if you're willing to search. Though these aren't the only sources for easy scholarships. With a little ingenuity of your own, you can turn a traditional scholarship into an easy one. For example, if a scholarship program asks you to write an essay on something that you had previously done for a class assignment or project, all you would need to do is proof-read it to make sure of it's relevant and send it in.

There's no harm in submitting a paper you've worked hard on in the past for a scholarship opportunity you feel is calling your name. Being resourceful will save you the time of writing a whole new paper and might earn you a scholarship that required little to no work on your part. With all these things in mind, hopefully it'll be easier for you to find and apply for easy scholarships that can put a dent in those high tuition and fees associated with a college education. Good Luck!

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